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Unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in the world's biggest olive oil production regions - the province of Jaen in Andalusia. Melgarejo family for generations has improved the secrets of the production of excellent Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It is proved by the numerous awards and honours received at international competitions. All manufacturing operations are always performed with respect to the environment and maintaining the highest standards of food safety precautions confirmed by quality certificates. The olive oil is obtained from one of the finest varieties of olives - Hojiblanca, which is the most common variety used for table olives production, due to the dense texture of the flesh. The flavor is much sweeter than in other varieties and it has a stronger almond hint. This olive oil has an excallent proportion between the oleic acid (75%), linoleic acid and very low fatty acid content, what is especially suitable for people who are on a diet. Cold-pressed and unfiltered.Produced and bottled in Spain.Brown glass bottle.Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place.

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