Both the olive groves and the mill located in the farm Duernas, for generations have belonged to the same family. The company's philosophy derives from a deep Christian humanism and has remained unchanged for centuries. Savoir-faire is focused on continuous improvement of soil, crop and customer service.

At the present moment Finca Duernas is undergoing a process of transformation towards organic agriculture and over the next few months they will receive the CAAE sign of quality (Comité Andaluz de Agricultura Ecológica). This authority considers the official standards of the world's major markets and international approvals of other certificate-giving entities as a reference point. Moreover it has been certified for the Integrated Production, system introduced by the Council of Andalusia. It is characterized by a concern for the environment and sustainable consumption of resources used to production, for example - water. However, the opportunity to transfer the heritage received from ancestors to their children is their priority and therefore they keep on investing in land fertility and biodiversity.

Taking care of the environment is a key issue for the company, although the respect for all people who make an effort to ensure that the olive oil will be of the highest quality is also very important. Each employee is treated individually. Each of them performs assigned job after a training period that is adapted to a given position and supporting professional development. That is why there are whole families which careers are inseparable associated with Finca Duernas and family owners.


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