Soler Romero is a family business with a long tradition in olive oil production. They produce, bottle and distribute organic extra virgin olive oil, exclusively made in their own farm and mill, located in Alcaudete, in the province of Jaen. The family remains actively involved in all operations in the farm, from cultivation to commercialization. They are one of only a few fully organic olive farms with total traceability in Spain. The organic extra virgin olive oil SOLER ROMERO is solely made of our olives groves, Olives are pressed in our mill and the oil is also bottled on location.

The whole estate, over 600 hectares (1500 acres), is grown in an organic way. This makes Soler Romero one of the largest organic olive oil producers in Spain. In the past, they were members of a cooperative, which produced olive oil, milling their olives along with the rest of olives harvested by the other 1400 members. Aware of the existing limits in mass production, in 2001 they decided to bet on their own production and on quality and they built a mill, conveniently located in the middle of the estate and next to the family hundred-year-old Country Estate. The mill processes only the olives cultivated in their own estate. In this way, SOLER ROMERO controls quality all along the process.. Since then, their aim is to create the world´s finest extra virgin olive oil, and to achieve that using environmental-friendly techniques..


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