De Prado family is the sixth generation of farmers engaged in the cultivation of olive trees. Already in 1831, they planted olive trees in Baena, the charming town of white houses in the heart of the village Cordoba in Spain. At the end of the last century they returned to Portugal - the country of origin, and settled in the wonderful region of Alentejo.

Olives are grown with the utmost care in estates with a total area of 2,600 hectares in Spain and Portugal. Olive harvest time is short, from early October to mid-December. Stringent control of the maturity of each area ensures picking olives in the optimum moment to get the fruit with the most perfect taste and aroma.

All agricultural work is always done using methods that take care of the environment, because part of the olive grove is cultivated in an environmentally sound manner, and the remainder is classified as a so-called. "Integrated production". Producing and bottling processes carried out in this native plants are subject to absolute traceability and high standards of food safety.

De Prado family is closely associated with the work in agriculture, stamping olive oil, bottling, marketing and business management. In addition, the team consists of highly qualified specialists, which further enhances the precious baggage of experience De Prado.



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