The history of the company dates back to the late nineteenth century when the progenitor of the clan, Francisco Torrent Terol, left Alicante and moved to Córdoba. In 1898, by making barrels for storing olives and olive oil he laid the foundations for the company, currently operating on five continents. Right after the construction of the first factory, Aceitunas Torrent became one of the first companies exporting olives, mainly to South American countries.

After the death of the company's founder in 1950, it passed to his son - Maximo Torrent, who, with his son and grandson, continued export activity, as well as the modernization of equipment to improve the production process. In October 1998 the siblings Blanca, Setefilla and Francisco Torrent Cruz, belonging to the fourth generation of the family, founded a company called Aceitunas Torrent and acquired industrial properties with an area of over 90 000 m2, where the buildings belonging to the company are located today.

However, Olives Torrent is something more than a long history of activity. The bottom line is that it was marked by the doyen of the family who cared for two key principles: quality and customer service.

Having in mind these conventions, they work to preserve the identity which has been cultivated since the nineteenth century. On the other hand it does not contradicts with the introduction of the latest technologies in the field of packaging, processing, distribution and sales, so they can move the taste of olives in all corners of the world.

Remembering these c's, they have been working on preserving identity since the nineteenth century, but they do not contradict the introduction of cutting-edge packaging, processing, distribution and sales technologies, so they can move the taste of the olive into the rest of the world.



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