PESASUR owes its name to the company Pesca y Salazones del suroeste SA, which was founded in 1975 in Ayamonte, a small fishing town in the southwest of Andalusia, near to the border with Portugal. For 32 years, Pesasur had been developing its activity in Ayamont in three small independent units: one factory of canned fish, one factory of pickles, and on developing the factory warehouse. In July 2007, the company inaugurated a new, modern infrastructure, it was the beginning of a new road.

Its biggest asset is producing cans in the traditional way. By selection of only fresh and healthy fish and by trust for the employees, specializied in their fields, it is possible to obtain a product of undeniable quality. PESASUR's efforts have been appreciated and currently the company enjoys a reputation, international prestige and exports its products to many places in the world.

An important element of confirming the very high quality of products is the use of organic Extra Virgin olive oil. This component significantly helps to maintain the appearance, texture, aroma and taste of the product as well as the better storage.



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