1. The shipping of goods is limited to the territory of the Republic of Poland and European Union countries (excluding Cyprus, Malta, the Azores, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and Ceuta). The goods will be delivered on the address given by the Customer during the Order making. 

2. The shipment of goods is performed by the suppliers:

a) the courier company,

b) The Online Shop private transport,

3. Costs and delivery time will be given while Order making. 

4. The Online Shop prepares the Order to be ready to send within 48 hours on weekdays, after receiving the confirmation of payment.

5. The term "to be ready to send" means the time required to complete the order, pack the goods and transfer them to the shipment.

6. Online Shop is not liable for non-delivery of goods or delay of their delivery resulting from incorrect data or shipping address that has been given by the Customer.

7. The reception of products delivered by the Supplier must be acknowledged by the Customer by written confirmation.

8. When receiving the Goods the Customer is obliged to check thoroughly whether the Order is not violated and that its condition is satisfactory. In case of damage, the Customer together with the Supplier should write down the damage report, which will include: date, time of delivery and the description of damage or defects.


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