So we headed to Italy. This is where, bathed in the Italian sunlight, ripen the best organic products, used by Solleone brand
In that beautiful country there exists a food culture that not only appreciates delicious tastes and healthy food, but also represents a long tradition of sustainable farming. They scoured the nation searching out the best producers of traditional sustainable products such as pasta, jam or honey to pick the best ones for their consumers.

Many people got out of step with living in harmony with nature. Much of the modern world started eating food that was made with stuff that just wasn’t good for you. In fact, it was downright bad for you. Processed sugar, artificial flavour enhancers, too much salt and all those chemical E numbers! It wasn’t even ‘junk’ food that worried us. It was everyday family food such as processed wheat pasta, jams and jellies made from high fructose corn syrup and over processed oils.

What was even worse was that all those foods were grown and produced in such a way that was destroying the planet. Huge monocrops of modern wheat and vast expanses of genetically engineered corn. Foods that required vast amounts of energy to transform them into cheap unhealthy products. Crops that depleted the earth and aided soil erosion.

They found farmers who were growing ancient grains in the same sustainable way their ancestors had, long before the invention of artificial fertiliser and pest control. We met producers who knew how to keep the maximum flavour and nutrients in the food they were producing. We came across farmers who not only grow their vegetables in the same way their grandparents did but still preserved them by hand using traditional Italian techniques. One of our greatest achievements is that are all our suppliers are able to create these incredibly delicious products to the highest global specifications for hygiene and quality with the minimum impact on the Earth.


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