The company founded in 1946 in Barcelona, by Quirino Baldassarriego and his partner - Mr. Solé, for decades has offered an extremely appreciated chocolate of high quality. The first chocolate factory was founded in Barcelona after cocoa was brought from America, which is why chocolate is so deeply rooted in Spanish cuisine. In the 1970s the office was transferred to the Barberá del Vallés, a town situated 17 km from the capital of Catalonia. This is where the factory is located today, managed by third generation of the Baldassarri family.

Alejandro Baldassari is now at the head of the family company, which is has been developing its potential over the years and respecting the principle of unchanging commitment to excellence. High standard of products is guaranteed by excellent raw materials and the traditional production process, which uses advanced quality control methods as well as modern technologies. Much attentionis paid to care about the environment, because a large part of the stock comes from organic crops, with European quality certificates, which guarantee the highest quality of raw materials. They are characterized by attention to detail. Even the paper, which is used to packing is obtained from recycling and contains no harmful aluminum. Wide range of organic chocolates, a refined taste, simple composition and elegant aesthetics is a confirmation that the years of hard work and cultivating family traditions did not go by the board.


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