Oatly company was founded in 1990 after the publication of Swedish study from the University of Lund. The company has patented the technology that copied enzymes from nature and used processes that changed the valuable fiber from oats in nourishing liquid food, perfect for the people.

The company operates in southern Sweden with headquarters in Malmö and the Production and Development Centre is located in Landskrona. Currently, Oatly brand is available in more than 20 countries from Europe, to Asia.

The purpose of this Swedish company is to remain independent and dedication to improve people's lives and well-being of the planet by a line of real oat beverages. They are trying to convey to the people moments of joy resulting from making simple, healthy choices. They do this by providing products of the highest nutrition and having at the same time the slightest possible effect on the environment. In addition, they never use genetically modified plants. All their actions are 100% transparent, to prove the integrity and credibility to the consumers.


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