Brooke & Shoals company was founded by Alison Banton in the picturesque seaside town of Greystones in County Wicklow, known as the "garden of Ireland". Passion for smells owes heavenly fragrance of the flower petals that collected as a child in the rose garden her aunt-Molly. Ordinary she say that babbling brook and whispering schools will help her transform rose petals in perfume. But by night, clever old woman poured perfume true to the watery mixture of small Alison, allowing her to believe that she created such an unusual flavor. These mysterious streams and shoals (with English brook and shoals) awakened the interest of perfume and inspired to give a brand name that brought so many warm memories.

Alison decided to create her own line of candles, exceeding the quality of those available in Ireland. Her vision was simple: high quality, smells divine, natural wax and beautiful packaging. She gained her experience in Grasse in southern France, which is the capital of fragrances and where replenish the knowledge to improve their products and draw new inspiration.

Initially, these wonderful candles were sold exclusively in his hometown Greystones, in its own Alison shop. However, the increasing interest of distributors led that brand began to grow more and more dynamically to meet the growing demand for these authors, Irish produce. Currently, the brand offers Brooke & Shoals Natural beeswax candles, scented diffusers to their homes and body care products is also available in many prestigious stores and department stores, not only in Ireland but also in Europe.



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