Fabijańscy family offers organic pasta made from wholemeal spelled flour and buckwheat flour, which come from certified farms. Fabijańscy direct their products to conscious consumers, therefore in the pasta products they use only crystal clear, spring water Kapellanka which source is located in the Kaczawskie Mountains in the Sudetenland and is naturally filtered through limestone, sedimentary 300 million-year-old rocks.

Spelt pasta have many advantages and nutritional properties. In general spelled is very rugged, high-grade grain that does not require the use of modern farming methods. So we can guarantee that all the pasta offered by Fabijański are "GMO free" or do not contain genetically modified ingredients.

All of the pastas are long and slowly dried at low temperatures, as similarly to a natural way as possible, meaning drying by wind and sun, in the same manner as it this took place many years ago. Drying lasts from several hours to a day at temperatures of 38 to 45'C. Thanks to slow drying process, most of the valuable nutrients remain in the pasta, and the shape after cooking remains unchanged.

Unlike many manufacturers, Fabijańscy use bronze dies for making pasta, giving up the Teflon matrix. Thus any dressing adheres perfectly to the rough pasta.

Products from Family Factory Fabijańscy is a combination of healthy Polish spelled, buckwheat and spring water with Italian pasta shapes.



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