A good day starts with a good breakfast. But the liability of VERIVAL begins much earlier, because already at the process of growing and careful selection of premium ingredients originating from organic farming.

The company was founded in 1984, being initially a ridiculed idea, in a few years has led to a wide range of organic products. A pioneer in organic food Engelbert Perlinger, started his career as a small manufacturer of home dry organic food in Itter, in the Tyrol and in just a few years developed this business activity in the leading Austrian organic brand. In 2007, as a result of the boom for the organic food the company got a new name VERIVIAL BIO. One year later, in Langkampfen in the Tirol there arose one of the most modern works producing organic products in Europe.

For the production of muesli ancient cereal varieties are used, such as einkorn wheat, emmer and spelled. In its own process of reclamation the company aims to increase the diversity of grains in its offer. This ensures the preservation of biodiversity and helps to offer healthier and tastier productsin the future. The careful selection of business partners and business decisions allows for the development of organic farming in Europe and at the international level.


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