The company has its origins in the Hamburg district of St. Pauli artistic, lively then and now. After a day of work, a group of people transformed their visions into reality. In home kitchen, in winter of 2008, they squeezed limes, brewed tea, crushed sugar and invited friends to share with them the pleasure. Then, they had the idea founding of the company LEMONAID, in order to combine passion and help others.

Slogan proclaimed by the founders is: Let's change the world by drinking.

Each bottle of LEMONAID and ChariTea contains only organic ingredients, derived from crops in line with the ethics of fair trade confirmed by FairTrade international certificate. They pay higher prices for raw materials, but in this way they support fair and worthy agriculture, so that local farmers can afford to improving the living conditions and social projects in their region. The company not only relies on certificates and signs of quality. Each year the owners travel to rural areas in order to know the local farmers and their working conditions.


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