Owocowy Dom is a young Polish company with national capital. Intergenerational cooperation in the company results in high quality products with interesting flavors and a neat package.

Ecological jams and marmalades are produced in Poland from certified organic fruit, grown mainly in administrative unit (Voivodship) of Świętokrzyskie, Lubelskie and Podlaskie. The company invented and created in 2011 by Wojtek Kowalski. In 2012, Mr. Marian Schodnik joined the company, and since October 2014 he has been the CEO of the company and owner of the brand " Owocowy Dom". The philosophy and mission of " Owocowy Dom " centers around the healthy and ecological lifestyle, according to the maxim, "we are what we eat".

We want to give to consumers everything that flows from the bounties of nature. Our preserves are created exclusively with products certified as organic food. The symbol of green leaf is extremely obliging. It means that in the production process there is no place for any compromise and agreements. Fruity content of each jar of "Owocowy Dom" is 100% natural, has  a real fruity contribution of the ingredients of the highest quality.

Each level of the manufacturing process of unique tastes, is covered by a culture of their creation. Taking care of every step of production, we pay attention to the tiniest stages, starting from the harvesting and selection of the fruit and taking care of the land on which they grow with respect for the people who create them, and ending with extraordinary packaging.
The activity of the company is based on the truth and fairness - values that are universal and timeless. Much more important is the quality, not the quantity of the products produced. We opt for organic food and good taste in every detail, and our products are 100% fruit in the fruit.



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