Health properties of extra virgin olive oil

Health properties of extra virgin olive oil have already been discovered by ancient Greeks and Romans who had a religious attitude towards the olive tree. Every time a drop of the best extra virgin olive oil was valued like gold liquid. Today, olive oil is used by people who are aware of its health.

Natural extra virgin olive oil is a valuable part of our daily diet. It has a wealth of unsaturated acids, including the most desirable monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids. The abundance of oil in these compounds makes it a source of health for man.

Właściwości zdrowotne oliwy Extra Virgin OIiwa Extra Virgin - właściwości zdrowotne Picual en evnero ekoMono-unsaturated fatty acids contained in extra virgin olive oil lower cholesterol levels, reducing the risk of heart disease and cardiovascular disease. Fats contained in olive oil are one of the building blocks of nervous tissue and brain. Nutritional values ​​of oil provide energy, thus contributing to the proper functioning of the body.

Extra virgin olive oil is an important element in the prevention of cancer. Numerous studies conducted on extra virgin olive oil have confirmed that polyphenols and vitamin E that are antioxidants inhibit the production of free radicals that can initiate tumors. Less commonly, people with Mediterranean diets whose main ingredient is healthy olive oil is less likely to have cancer of the colon, prostate and breast. Mediterranean diet promotes shapely figure, prevents allergic diseases and ... deliciously tastes! Organic olive oil is rich in vitamins A, E, D, K, which are beneficial for many diseases. Unrefined extra virgin olive oil purifies and regulates digestion processes. Olive oil also slows the aging process, giving the skin radiant and radiant appearance.

Extra virgin virgin olive oil, produced in the cold, is of the highest quality. Preserves all the appreciated aromatic properties, antioxidants and other nutrients. Cold pressed oil has the most organoleptic properties.

Idealna dla zdrowia Oliwa Extra Virgin Oliwa dla przyszłych mam - extra virgin właściwości zdrowotne Właściwości zdrowotne oliwy extra virgin dla babci i dziadka de pradoExtra virgin virgin olive oil recommended for future mothers and lactating women and children - especially those who have not yet reached the age of three. Check out our olive oil for children. During the prenatal period polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in olive oil contribute to the proper development of the child's nerves, brain and retina. The consumption of oil by the newborn, it ensures excellent growth and contributes to the proper course of myelination process (coverage of nerve fibers fat shell). Olive oil should also be part of the diet of older children. It can be enriched with fruit and vegetable purees, which have a great impact on children's growth and development.


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