Olive oil - for children!

Learning a healthy lifestyle for children from an early age is very important. Forming nutritional awareness will help prevent many illnesses and illnesses in the future, and to develop healthy habits from the very beginning of life.

It is advised to consume olive oil by pregnant women so that they supply themselves with the necessary nutrients. Future moms who have used olive oil during pregnancy have children who are better off developing, have the right weight and growth. During the prenatal period, babies need to deliver large amounts of vitamin E, which is high in olive oil. It helps women maintain their pregnancy. This is especially important in the third trimester because it has a positive effect on the development of the eyes and the eyes of the child. Vitamin E with folic acid acts preventively against damage to the nervous system and to the unborn child. Pregnant moms olive oil will help maintain a good level of blood pressure and feel strong and healthy by the large amounts of antioxidants contained in it. Olive oil positively influences the lactation. An olive oil and water emulsion can help women avoid stretch marks that may occur after delivery.

It is commonly believed that extra virgin olive oil should be administered to children above 6 months of age. It will help them grow fast, increase weight and strengthen the entire immune system. Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Squalene and antioxidants contained in olive oil support work and help to protect the heart and vascular system and cell regeneration, to prevent cancer in children and infants as well as women. Pregnant. Olive also has vitamin A needed for proper functioning of the retina of the eye, used for vision in low light and for the development of color vision. Vitamin A also acts as an important growth factor for epithelial cells and similar cells. Vitamin B found in olive oil is essential for the proper functioning and development of the brain and nervous system. Vitamin D and vitamin K, on ​​the other hand, are needed for the proper growth of bones and tissues and to protect the human body against attacking microbes. Consuming olive oil by children in underage amounts will ensure that they maintain healthy skin and hair. Olive oil is used to combat constipation in children. Emulsion made from oil and water can be used as a moisturizing bath for children, applied after bath and overnight. Perfectly suited for children's massage and is used for this purpose worldwide.

We especially recommend the following olive oil for children:

Oliwa z oliwek dla dzieci i matki Oliwa z oliwek dla dzieci i matki - najlepszy wybór


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