The Colors of Health are engaged in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, through the associated production of organic, healthy food, and the promotion of sustainable ways of eating. Their products are fully ecological, which is confirmed by certificates and are created for the most demanding customers.
The ecological horticultural farm Tomasz Partanski has been operating successfully for many years on the Polish market. The products that are produced are the highest quality Eco, coming from Polish fields and meadows.

The ecological farm is located in the eastern part of the Sandomierz Basin on the Tarnogrodz Plateau, more and more often called the Valley of Ecological Food. At the beginning of business, almost 20 years ago, the ecological farm was only 8 hectares, today it has grown to almost 21 hectares. He specializes in the traditional way of growing oil, berry and vegetable crops. The ecological farm is constantly intensively modernized and improved.

Pressed oils, fruits and vegetables are kept in the cooler, thus ensuring the best storage conditions. Nowadays, the family-owned company, in addition to agricultural production, promotes healthy Polish food while protecting the environment and preserving nature.



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