Pacari is 100% cooperating with organic farms. These farms are certified "USDA Organic" and meet the European Organic Standard "Regulation 2092/91 of the European Union".


Pacari Chocolate is a family-owned company dedicated to producing the highest quality organic chocolate from Ecuador. Since 2002 he has been working with cocoa growers. They have acquired the knowledge to create excellent chocolate with the best taste and consistency. Pacari chocolate was built on the basis of social and environmental activities contributing to the harmonious development of the local community. For the manufacture of chocolate is used Cocoa Arriba Nacional 100% of the plants found only in Ecuador. This cocoa is famous for its rich, full of flavor, fruity-floral notes. The word Pacari in the Quechua regional language means "Nature". Passion for home-made cocoa with respect for the principles of sustainable development has allowed to create delicious chocolate with unique taste and consistency. Pacari Chocolate, developed the first organic single-layer chocolate, produced entirely in Ecuador.
The main goal of the company is to guarantee to consumers that Pacari chocolate is made from the highest quality raw materials. It is important that the company's creators are involved in the entire production process. It includes direct collaboration with local farmers, education, harvest, chocolate production, and packaging design. Pacari's primary goal is to provide the highest quality chocolate. They are constantly looking for excellent organic ingredients.



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