"FIRST CLASS FOOD" is a combination of innovation, experience, the highest standards and quality derived directly from nature.

The owner carefully chooses the  manufacturers, whose products will be in the portfolio FIRST CLASS FOOD, by visiting their productions and plantations personally or by meeting them at events such as trade fairs. The company develops its commercial profile by being the only distributor of a wide range of unique products on Polish territory. Its priority is to find ever new foreign contractors to ensure the company's competitiveness on the Polish and European market through stable cooperation with the best producers.

The online shop offers products of the highest quality in the market, which received a number of certificates and awards proving their organic origin and excellence.

Our priority is to offer our customers not only the best quality of products, but also the best customer experience, which includes aspects such as transport in an appropriate temperature and the products safety, client care package and the ability for customer to create a unique gift baskets from products offered on our website. 


What distinguishes us:

Our website sells and promotes organic products, as well as offers a detailed description of producers included in our portfolio. We want to show our customers where we get our products, how they’re made and how unique and beneficial they are. We want our customers to be aware and well informed about the kind of products they buy and what kind of quality and history they include.


What kind of products we are looking for:

  • Ecological and Natural
  • Certified and rewarded
  • Outstanding in the market
  • Never changing highest quality


What we offer:

  • Distribution in Poland through the biggest retail and wholesale chains,
  • Distribution online and shipment into the whole of European Union,
  • Sales promotion of your products, including a description of production and origin.


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