Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Coupage Suerte Alta Eko, 500 ml

Suerte Alta

Product details:

Origin: Province of Cordoba, Andalucia, Spain.

Variety: olive oil Picuda, Hojiblanca, Picual.

Composition: 100% olive oil Extra Virgin.

Aroma: green olives, green apples and fresh tomato.

Flavor: subtle bitter note with sweet and aromatic herbal accent with a spicy finish.

Composes of: a perfect match for salads, fish, pasta, desserts or as an additive to bread.

Harvest time: early November.

Capacity: 500 ml.

More details

65,00 zł

13,00 zł per 100 ml

This is an excellent Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is the result of combining three excellent varieties of olives. All fruits come from a 85-year-old family olive grove. Its extraordinary production process is done with full respect for the environment on the farm Suerte Alta, during all stages - from picking the olives until the bottling. A modern mill, designed by its owner, is located in the center of the plantation so that all the energy used for pressing oil is obtained in an environmentally friendly way. When choosing this oil you are sure that the highest standards of quality and food safety were maintained, which is confirmed by many international certificates.

Certified by the Regulatory Board for the Protected Designation of Origin - D.O. Baena.

Cold-pressed and unfiltered.

Produced and bottled in Spain.

A bottle of dark glass.

Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place.

Nutrional values in in100 g:

Energy values:                               



Saturated acids

Polyunsaturated acids

Monounsaturated acids






3700 kJ

900 kcal

100 g


15 g

10 g

75 g

0 g

0 g

0 g

0 g


Best before: 01-2019

Zucchini and eggplant salad (for 2 persons)

- zucchini 200g

- Eggplant 200g

- fresh oregano (1 bunch)

4 cocktail tomatoes

- Parma ham 4 slices

Suerte Alta Picual Oil 100ml

- capers 10 pieces

Italian nuts 20g (about 10 pieces) BECLA

- two ciabatta slices

Eggplant and courgettes are cut into any of the seeds, half of the oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Cut tomatoes from the top and so oil with oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. We bake on the grill in the oven at a high temp 220-250 degrees to get a golden color, removing the tomatoes earlier. Nuts should be gently slurried in a dry pan. Then we put everything in a bowl, add Parma ham and pour oil into the pan. We serve with fresh oregano leaves and ciabatta.

Marinated olives

De Prado olives with 200g seeds

- carrot 50g

- fresh red, green, yellow pepper 60g (20g x 3)

- Olive Suerte Alta Picual 200ml

- fresh oregano a few leaves

- parsley (half a bunch)

- fresh garlic 2 cloves

- freshly ground pepper to taste

- basil a few leaves

Vegetables all cut into cubes, chop herbs combine everything together with olives and olive oil and season with freshly ground pepper.

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