Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Children, De Prado 250 ml

De Prado

Product details:

Origin: region Alentejo, Portugal.

Composition: 100% organic extra virgin olive oil.

Acidity: no more than 0,2 %.

Capacity: 250 ml


More details

9,96 zł


24,90 zł

3,99 zł per 100 g

Remarkable Exta Virgin Olive Oil created specially for expecting mothers. Concerned about their health, we propose olive oil with very low acidity and high content of unsaturated fatty acids, which have an invaluable impact on children's development. Moreover, it is also recommended due to the fact, that it protects the gastric mucosa and stimulates the immune system and intestinal activity. It has a very delicate, sweet taste and fruity aroma. For a healthy and happy children to teach them  healthy eating habits in the very early age.

Cold-pressed and unfiltered.

Produced and bottled in Portugal.

Brown glass bottle.

Store at room temperature in a dry and dark place.

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