Spelled pasta ribbon Eco, Fabijańscy 300 g


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Origin: Poland.

Ingredients: Organic whole grain spelt flour, spring water Kapellanka.

Pairing: sauces, vegetables, meats and fish.

Weight: 300 g net.

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8,90 zł

2,97 zł per 100 g

We recommend preparing both as sweet and as salty dish. Spelt pasta is a dish itself, has its own flavor and does not require lots of seasoning ingredients. Great fit for Polish recipes, for macaroni and cheese.

Inspired by life and passion for ecology we made spelt pasta from spring water. Spelt - strength, vitality and power of our ancestors; spring water - crystal purity, freshness and lightness of mountain streams; unique flavor with a slightly nutty note; idyllic smell of rural home on a sunny day; natural color, invigorating firmness and perfect shape.

Organic whole grain spellt flour, which comes from certified organic cultivation. Kapellanka water - crystal clear, straight from a natural source, filtered through limestone sedimentary rocks  older than 300 million years. With constant and rich composition of micronutrients and preserved biological purity. The source is in the range Kaczawskie Mountains, below the Kapell hill - hence its name. Why Kapellanka spring water rather than tap water? Everything that is in the spring water, remains in pasta.

Spelt is very rugged, high-grade grain that does not require the use of modern farming methods. In addition, this species has been forgotten by humanity so that it was bypassed by any modification. Moreover, it is resistant to them. It has its own protection - spelt husk is so strong that it protects the seed from the environmental pollutants, including radiation.

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