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Buckwheat noodles shell Eco, Fabijańscy 300 g


Product details:

Origin: Poland.

Ingredients: Organic buckwheat flour,
spring water.

Pairing: mushrooms, vegetables and cheese sauces.

Weight: 300 g net.

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4,45 zł


8,90 zł

1,48 zł per 100 g

Traditional flavors - new quality. The combination of Polish classics and Italian finesse has created a delicious buckwheat noodles.For many centuries buckwheat has been present on the Polish tables, being the basis of the diet. The old adage says that Poland is a land of buckwheat and honey. Thanks to buckwheat Polish peasant was splendid, and the nobility with army banished Turks, Tatars, Swedes and other foreigners from Polish lands… Now, fully aware of the power contained in the buckwheat - we can once again gain the power by eating buckwheat in a new, macaroni edition.

Pasta retains shape after cooking.

Nutritional value: 380.74 kcal / 100 g

Fat 3.1 g including saturated fat: 0.677 g

Carbohydrate: 70.59 g, of which sugars: 2.6 g

Protein: 12.62 g

Fiber: 10 g

Salt <0.0275 g *

* contains only natural salt


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