Jelly beans Soft Fruits Eko, Bio Bon 100g

Manufacturer: Biobon

Product details:

Origin : Austria

Ingredient: glucose syrup *, beet sugar * (33%), gelling agent (pectin), citric acid, acidity regulator, natural flavors: lemon, orange and other natural flavors, elderberry juice concentrate * turmeric extract Algae (Spirulina platensis), anti-caking agent (Carnauba wax - natural plant wax extracted from palm leaves growing in Brazil).

*From controlled organic farming

Capacity: 100g.

More details

6,99 zł

-2,91 zł

9,90 zł

6,99 zł per szt.

Organic jelly beans Soft Berries Bio Bon

Soft fruits that will surely love vegetarians and vegans, are produced exclusively on the basis of plants, with added pectin and natural flavors without the use of beeswax. Soft fruits are free from artificial colors and flavors. Perfect for everyone as a sweet treat between meals. Favorite baby sweets.

Ecological raw materials come only from certified organic farmers. Raw materials maintain standards in line with EU regulation for organic products.

Nutrition facts in 100 g:

Energy value:


Of which saturated fat


Of which sugar



1409 kJ/332kcal

0,2 g

0,1 g

80 g

60 g

0 g

0,26 g

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