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Mediterranean Tea silencing sea Eko, Alma Home 15 pc


Product details:

Origin: Barcelona, ​​Spain

Ingredients: fennel*, lemon verbena*, green anise*, basil*, dill*, marine algae*

*Ingredients of organic origin, certificate: ES-ECO-019-CT

Packaging: 15 bags

Weight: 30 g

More details

19,90 zł

66,33 zł per 100 g

Enjoy the unique taste, while your body receives the benefits of the sea. Seaweed along with fennel, vervain and basil will provide fiber and cleanse the body of lipids, at the same time supplying it with beneficial protein and antioxidants, extremely effective in maintaining the body in excellent condition.

Alma Home Green Tea is intended for those who appreciate intensity, taste and smell of organic food and constantly seek new flavors, without sacrificing the excellence provided by the highest quality ingredients.

Package is 100% biodegradable. The tea is packed in a careful way to keep all properties of the plants that were used.

Brewing instruction:
Boil fresh water. Steep tea bag for 3-4 minutes. After this time, you can enjoy this delicious and ecological brew.

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