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Organic White Balsamic vinegar, Soler Romero 250 ml

Soler Romero

Product details:

Origin: province of Jaen, Andalucia, Spain.

Composition: white wine vinegar*, concentrated grape must*.

*certified organic

Flavor: subtly bitter-sweet

Pairing: i
deal for salads, meats, fish, dressings.

Acidity: 7%

Capacity: 250 ml

More details

17,00 zł

6,80 zł per 100 g

It is produced in a process of white gape juice cooking, keeping low temperature and high pressure to prevent caramelization, giving the vinegar a golden color and gentler flavor. White balsamic vinegar is aged for one year in oak barrels; this short aging keeps the light color and flavor.

Brown glass bottle.

Store at room temperature.

certificates: CAAE, USDA

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