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Organic Sherry (Jerez) vinegar, Soler Romero 250 ml

Soler Romero

Product details:

Origin: province of Jaen, Andalucia, Spain.

Composition: 100 % organic Jerez vinegar.

Aroma: aromatic richness, traces of oak, old wine with a mild intensity.

Flavor: well-balanced, non-aggressive, persistent aftertaste.

Pairing: i
deal for salads, dressings and marinades.

Acidity: 7%

Capacity: 250 ml


More details

17,00 zł

6,80 zł per 100 g

This Vinegar is made of fermented organic Sherry wine, matured in Oak barrels. Our Sherry vinegar is protected by the Regulatory Board of the Denomination of Origin "Vinagre de Jerez" . Produced in the province of Cadiz, southern Spain, its main grape is Palomino Fino, characteristic of Sherry wine. It is a young vinegar and one of the first organic Sherry vinegars existing in the market.

Produced and bottled in Spain.

Brown glass bottle.

Store at room temperature.

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