Set of 3 Small Candles - Floral Collection, Brooke & Shoals

Brooke & Shoals

A unique set of 3 small, scented candles from floral collection, that will caress the senses andlet the wonderful atmosphere to your home.

The set includes:

Neroli Blossom & Lavender

* Sweet Pea & Tea Rose

* Lavender, Cyclamen & Sea Salt

Weight of one candle: 70 g

Burning time: up to 20 hours

More details

169,00 zł

169,00 zł per szt.

Scented candles Brooke & Shoals are made exclusively from natural soy wax, so they are environmentally friendly and toxin-free. The high level of fragrance and essential oils gives a divine long-lasting aroma. The products are manufactured by hand in Ireland and elegant and luxurious packaging makes them ideal for a gift.

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